Lightskin, short, cocky when I wanna be, and bisexual as hell. I love women and my man loves that I love women. I don't give two shits about what people think about me. I say what I want, when I want and how I want. Don't like it then don't follow or unfollow....I frankly don't care. I'm also a developing photographer so watch for those pictures!


Milosav Druckmüller is, hands down, the greatest eclipse photographer in the world. Fact.

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My innie is turning into an outtie! Lol



#fmsphotoaday #day3 #June #onmytable my bamboo tree…I think it’s dying :-(

This is the closest that I’ve come to Cali food so far

#fmsphotoaday #day2 #june #amoment one of the best moments of my life

#FMSphotoaday #Day1 #June B is for beautiful baby belly 👶💙

My coworker got this for Royal. I don’t watch or play soccer but Royal is part Mexican so maybe he’ll enjoy the sport lol

Ugh I hate storms!

Slightly whipped! Lol @whippedbodygoods


Happy Memorial Day. Remember all those that served and are still serving.

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